The Black Dog Inn, Black Dog village

As part of a research project, funded by the Society for Psychical Research, I travelled down to Devon recently to consult a unique archive containing information on apparitions of Black Dogs. During my stay, I discovered a village called Black Dog complete with its own Black Dog Inn.

 Black Dog village sign

Sensible advice, particularly when alone....
 The Black Dog Inn, seen from outside

The Black Dog Inn, Black Dog
The Black Dog Inn pub sign

The new pub sign erected in 2004
 Inside the Black Dog Inn

A researcher's work is never done. Here's to more research into apparitions of Black Dogs!

A picture of a Black Dog costume inside the pub

On the wall of the pub, just inside the door, is a picture of a person standing outside the pub door wearing a Black Dog costume. This costume is apparently worn as part of an annual Black Dog procession through the village.