Blythburgh, Suffolk

Having visited St. Mary's church in Bungay, the dog then went into the church, a few miles away, at Blythburgh and:

" ...placing himself uppon a maine balke or beam, whereon some ye Rood did stand, sodainly he gave a swinge downe through ye church, and there also, as before, slew two men and a lad, and burned the hand of another person that was there among the rest of the company, of whom divers were blasted."

The Holy Trinity Church at Blythburgh is very beautiful and of particular interest is its Angel roof, which has the remains of 18 pairs of carved and painted angels suspended from the roof beams.


The famous north door, which has scorch marks upon it that were allegedly caused by the Black Dog that appeared before the congregation in 1577, is directly opposite if you enter the church via the main porch. The church was struck by lightning on this day in 1577 and the spire toppled, damaging the font below. As the north door is below the spire, itís possible that the scorch marks may have been caused by the lightning or the falling spire.